Gordon Brooks

Gordon Brooks

When I was twelve, I wanted to be a magician. I idolized David Copperfield, then already a practicing professional magician though just seven months older than me.

And then I got hold of a friend's 8mm camera. I made my friend disappear. I made him scoot along the ground as in ads I saw on television for one of the oil companies. I made him run into a big concrete drain pipe at one end, and emerge as someone else.

It was magic. With retakes.

Like many others, I wanted to be a filmmaker. And like many others, I never made it into the Hollywood studios. While trying to become a filmmaker, I worked at a wide variety of jobs, including computer programming and typesetting. I picked up a weird, eclectic set of skills. I also learned a lot about animation from a friend who had gotten into the business.

Then, in 1989, I hooked up with a company called American Interactive Media, a division of the giant electronic company Philips. The folks at this company were inventing a whole new technology called Compact Disc Interactive, or CDi. What I had learned about animation and computers landed me a job there.

For a variety of reasons, CDi never took off. But in the seven years I worked for Philips, I picked up many new skills, and learned about many new tools.

In 2006, I added acting to my repertoire, when I got cast at a local community theater production of the Canadian play That Darn Plot. Since then I've appeared in a dozen plays and directed two.

The new millenium has been an amazing learning time for me. I've also turned my songwriting hobby into a serious career pursuit, and started writing for publication.