Gordon Douglas

I am a writer, researcher, and photographer of things. I recently completed my PhD in Sociology at the University of Chicago and am now a postdoctoral research fellow at NYU's Institute for Public Knowledge. My writing and photography have appeared in GOOD, Architect Magazine, and elsewhere and I also recently served as a project research director and curatorial advisor for "Spontaneous Interventions," the U.S. Pavilion at the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale.

My work centers on issues of local cultural identity, urban development, and people's interactions with their physical surroundings. It seeks to inform how (and for whom) our cities are organized, designed and understood, as well as contribute to the discourse on urban political economy and critical social theory. My forthcoming book concerns the creation of unauthorized 'DIY Urban Design' contributions and what these informal improvement efforts tell us about the state of the contemporary city.

There are various credentials - academic, professional, and unprofessional - about which you can read in my c.v. Born in London, England and raised in Davis, California, I currently divide my time between New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.