Gordon Klingenschmitt

Colorado Springs, CO

After earning Masters degrees in Business Administration and Divinity, Gordon James Klingenschmitt served in the United States military as both officer and Chaplain. After graduating the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado, Klingenschmitt spent 11 years as an Air Force officer, before volunteering for a demotion to preach the gospel as a Navy chaplain.

Serving aboard USS ANZIO and at the Norfolk Naval Base chapel, Klingenschmitt provided spiritual services to Navy personnel, and his programs won many awards for community service, including best in Navy.

In 2005, Klingenschmitt was punished by his commanding officer for quoting the Bible in chapel during optional Christian worship. He then took a stand by violating a restrictive Navy policy, SECNAVINST 1730.7C, which authorized commanders to discipline chaplains who prayed "in Jesus name" outside of chapel.

By demanding his own court-martial, he brought national attention to the bad prayer policy, which was eventually rescinded by Congress. Although he lost his 16 year career and million dollar pension, he helped restore the rights of chaplains to pray according to conscience.

Since the end of his military service, Klingenschmitt has returned to the academic sphere and is pursuing his Ph.D. in Theology at his alma mater, Regent University. He leads a national political organization that delivers petitions to Congress, The Pray In Jesus Name Project, and may be contacted for speaking engagements through his web-site: www.PrayInJesusName.org

  • Work
    • The Pray In Jesus Name Project
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    • Regent University
    • U.S. Air Force Academy