Gordon McLure

Property Development in England, United Kingdom

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You have reached the about.me page for Gordon McLure. Read on to discover about his past financial services and current involvement with property and architecture, as well as his varied range of hobbies and interests.

In 1996, Gordon McLure was one of three founders of the pioneering Cash a Cheque, one of the first companies of its kind in the UK. Its expansion and potential for growth was noticed by The Money Shop, who purchased the company for £15m just five years after its entry into the market. In addition to this, Gordon was influential in the formation of the British Cheque Cashers Association (BCCA), an organisation which deals with alternative financial solutions for companies across the UK, whether its is short term loans, credit brokerage, guarantor loans it third party cash chequers. The BCCA continues to operate today and they have members across the country.

Currently, Gordon it taking an interest in property development, with a particular focus on planning and architecture, including listed buildings. As someone with a keen interest in game shooting, Gordon has had the opportunity to experience ea number if impressive listed buildings. These include Highclere Castle, a Grade 1 listed buildings, and the equally grand Althiorn Estate.

In addition to shooting, Gordon has a passion for boating and scuba diving, He is qualified in both, having obtained his international certificate of competence from the Royal Yachting Association and the PADI rescue diving award in Majorca, and even owned and chartered his own Sunseeker Yacht on the Spanish island until 2001. Gordon has had some truly memorable experiences in the water over the years, including cage diving with Great Whites off the South African coast, exploring the coral reefs of Madagascar and swimming with Orcas in Norway

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