Dimas Gorevoy

Date of birth: 06/25/1984

Place of living: Slavyansk, Donetsk region, Ukraine


2000 – 2005, Donetsk Institute of Business in Tourism

Management / Economics, Master

IT skills:
CSS, HTML/XML, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, AJAX, jQuery, ActionScript, Flash/Flex, Objective-C, XML, MySQL, JSON, Apache, OOP, Java, C, Smarty, DOM, Regular Expressions, Ninja skills

Professional skills:

I can work both in team and alone. I can adapt to environmental conditions and requirements. Always aimed at the result. I can find both the best and original solution to the problem. Fast learner.

Personal project:

Ukrcars.com – specialized service to place ads for sale, purchase and exchange of vehicles, automotive products and services in the Ukrainian segment of the Internet.