deez nuts?

Artist in Fucking, Austria

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hey uh call me goblin or a kin name 🥒✨

i’m 18, a greasy goblin, bi and nb (they/them plz) 😷

i am depressed, anxious, and have trich (hair pulling disorder) come and fuck with me 👹

kin with literally the worst characters i’m sorry, doubles are valid but i’d prefer you not follow me 🤮

-main ids (these r me)

naruto uzumaki (naruto) 🦊

junkrat (overwatch) 💥

glimmer (she-ra princess of power) ✨

murdoc niccals (gorillaz) 🥒

lance mcclain (voltron) 🌊*

*(i rlly don’t fuck with vld anymore because they did the entire show dirty after season 7, but i’m still lance kinnie, and i have been for nearly three years)

-lesser ids (don’t care abt doubles)-

anna of arendelle (frozen) 👑

mercy (overwatch) 😇


i love my best friend bugs (@knightmutual) they’re the best and we r queue pee pees OwO

they’re kin w: dean winchester, nightwing (dick grayson), ace copular, bugs bunny, and jesse mccree!

don’t follow if:

-you don't like my best friend

-you support/are a pedophile. fuck you

-you’re kin w 2d

-you aren’t comfortable with me being 18

-you support tr*mp in any way, shape, or form

-you’re transphobic, homophobic, etc

-you think inc*st is “good” and support it. fuck you

dm me “hollywood is over” to follow (or just that you read this) + have a good day bitch