Ronald Goedendorp

Public Speaker in San Francisco, California

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Hi I'm Ron, and some friends call me Gorongo. Welcome.

I was sprouted not far from Amsterdam, but grew in the California sun. I flourished at UCSD, and along the way I’ve picked up a few languages and skills. I live in San Francisco in the vortex of space, finance, internet, data and gaming technologies.

I am entrepreneurial in vision and thought, and mercenary in action. In addition to helping young companies, I was the co-founder of WarrantyNow (acq by CNET/CBS), Q3DM (acq by Beckman Coulter) and Predictive Research Group. In my work I have raised over $50 million in capital and taken a company from concept through acquisition. For work I enjoy ambitious and challenging new projects. www.<insert value proposition here>.com

When I have a few moments not working, you will find me sailing, motorcycling, biking, hiking and enjoying wine, great food, spending time with my wife, and with my wonderful friends...friends in and from every corner of the world. I have an awesome life and feel like the richest man in the world...I’m a lucky man. @gorongo

  • Work
    • Predictive Research Group
  • Education
    • University of California, San Diego