Marjorie Gorostiza

Bulacan, Philippines

I am MARJORIE J. DIMAPILIS. It's as simple as to ♥ me or get it over with a </3. My creator painted me in a canvas with a collage of HELL, IMAO FACE, POWDER, EYE - LINER, CONTACT LENS, LIPSTICK, RAWR!, HELLO KITTY, BOWS, CAT, DINOSAUR, MUSIC, CELLPHONE, COMPUTER and ♥

Well, if you're going to ask me "How can I describe myself?" It is simply that I'm an angel and I'ma demon. I am 5"2 feet tall, I had a square face, my eyes are black, my eyebrows are dark, my lips are pinkish, my hair is long (with thousands of split - ends, m​​y complexion is a bit tan, and I have some pierces.

I maybe the one you often saw in movies. I smile, I cry. But I'm the very person who knows how to bounce back.
I am who I am; Hating me does not make you prettier! The bottom line is.. I dont want to sound fake, and I hate to wear masks. I'm only a human and I have feelings. Don't judge me, I knew myself better, I got enough of that from myself.

  • Education
    • Undergrad at Bulacan State University
    • AB Mass Communication