kara πŸ‘»

Student and Artist in New York

kara πŸ‘»

Student and Artist in New York

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β€” hey!! my names kara & im here to destroy planet earth

just kidding im actually p nice

β€” my interests range from video games to music,

and currently my main interests are fallout (4/3/nv), tftbl, borderlands 2, portal, pokemon & some others (pls reccomend me video games ill seriously love u)

β€” my fav bands are weezer, fall out boy, imagine dragons, p!atd, tΓΈp, green day, fitz & the tantrums, & the 1975 i also lov macklemore & ryan lewis lol

β€” i am really confused abt my sexuality rn and still trying to figure it out i mainly lean towards straight (Disgusting) but who knows??? who knows. if ur cute and have a great personality, Hmu

β€” i identify as a girl (she/her)

β€” ive been diagnosed with anxiety and i worry about everything A lot and will vent abt it so

β€” dont follow if

ur 18+


thats really it honestly

β€” also i love making friends, im not shy at all but im horrible at starting conversations so i could use some help w that

β€” thanks for reading !! you dont hav to dm to follow (: