Carrie Sisk

San Francisco Bay Area

Physical fitness has always played an essential role in this Indiana girl's life. Carrie played Tennis for Indiana University as well as competed in The Little 500 (a collegiate cycling race). After graduating with a degree in Exercise Science, Carrie moved from Southern Indiana to California still thriving on competition and an active lifestyle. She quickly fell in love with trail running after running a few road marathons, joined the ultra community in Marin and has run over 40+ ultra-marathons spanning the last decade, 50ks, 50m, 100k, 100M. Road cycling and Mountain biking are two big passions of hers as well. Carrie is an NASM personal trainer and has been operating her own outdoor boot camps on Mt Tam and in the bay area since 1998. She has also been teaching high energy, high intensity cardio classes- spin, boot camp, cardio box, sculpt and TRX for the past 20+ years. She is also the fitness director at Mt Tam Racquet Club.

  • Work
    • CEO Go Sisko Go
  • Education
    • Indiana University