Sanjiv Gupta

Student in Kolkata, India

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Founded in 1991, Gemini Cosmetics pvt. ltd. is a beauty and health care products manufacturing company that provides naturally made products to suit your skin. It caters to the demand of all by providing both affordable and premium products accompanied by a promise of delivering the quality their customers’ deserve.

Over 25 years, we have expanded our product assortment from talcum powders and petroleum jelly to all sorts of beauty and skin care products including face wash, shampoos, body and face lotions, face masks and more.Exporting to countries like Germany, South Africa, Uganda,Russia,Srilanka,Malaysia,Tanzania and others, we have successfully grown our customer base globally. This has not only brought us recognition, but also a contentment from achieving the goal of satisfying our end users.

Currently headquartered in Kolkata, we work with about 125 employees, delivering to thousands of customers worldwide. Our brands include Snotex and ProSkin. Snotex comprises products in the more affordable and daily use bracket while ProSkin consists of inexpensive yet high-end products that fall under a premium bracket. The existence of these two brands ensure the achievement of our goal of adhering to the demands of all.

The founder of our company, Mr. Sanjiv Gupta envisions the expansion of our product range to include products that prove to impact the skin as naturally as possible.