What I'm About

I am passionate about supporting people to achieve their potential and goal in life.

I give one to one private mentoring and tuition, I write practical step by step, easy to follow tips to help you in the area of your education, business and lifestyle at no cost to you. These tips are my experiences and research I have done; these get sent to you weekly and they are popular with many people.

My Story

In 2007, after my Masters degrees, I found my self unemployed. Being the type of person that has to do something, my mind was working on over drive, trying to figure out what to do, how to earn a living, how to use all these knowledge I had acquired.

I was constantly on the internet searching for jobs and ideas; I was ready to do anything. In the mist of all these, a small voice whispered, "why not teach?" I immediately shun the voice and carried on with life, but the voice kept on ringing annoyingly in my head.

You see, I was not interested in teaching in a class room. I decided to look into it none the less. I then discovered I could be a private tutor instead- give one to one tuition any time the student required. But, many school children finish school at 3:15/3:30pm, meaning that, I would only be able to tutor them in the evenings. What would I do during the day? How would I pay my bills and survive? Where some of the questions, that where on my mind.

I was so scared, very unsure, and not prepared and then I got a 9-5 job. That was an answer to prayer. I could work during the day as well has do the private tuition. That was amazing and a relief.

So I decided to just do it. And now, what started as me driving to students' homes and teaching, mentoring them and supporting them, has turned into an agency.

I saw this as an opportunity to use my skills to impact the next generation. God had made a way and I knew that if I did not seize the opportunity to live out my purpose, it might pass me by for good.

It was the scariest step I ever took, and it transformed my life instantly. Looking back, I am glad I made the decision to start giving one to one private tuition (part-time self employed) because the onset of a deep recession resulted in my department being made redundant so I found myself unemployed again.

However, this time, I had something to do, my business was doing well and the word was spreading about my services. It was invigorating, empowering, and it helpe