Daniel Goss

Hi, I am Daniel Goss (male - 40 yrs old). I currently live in Norwich, Norfolk,United Kingdom. I have lived in this city for 13 years now. I originally was born in Beccles in Suffolk, UK. I have a lovely daughter called Sophie and a lovely gf called Pin Mala.

I love to travel and explore the beautiful world we live in and enjoy what nature provides

{just a shame certain people are trying to mess it up :( }

Some of my most favourite places i have visited so far have to be Wales, North Scotland, Devon, Cornwall [:)] and Thailand where the trees and the grass are so green and the air is so fresh and the people are so friendly and smiley :)

My trade for the last 20 years has been Software Developer.I have had much experience in the field of computers : Hardware and Software and systems programming.

Best owned car : VW Scirocco 1800 + Hyundai Coupe.

I have lots of good friends in Norwich and around the world!

Check out my new site : www.gosschina1.zxq.net