Hailing from Chicago's south side, Sulaiman has written, produced, and performed for over 12 years. The 24-year old hip-hop prodigy began his journey from middle school lunchroom raps to in essence owning his own marketing machine - he founded a highly-regarded music blog, a graphic design company, and made many successful ventures into fashion and event coordination, to name a few of his accomplishments. All of these activities awarded Sulaiman an opportunity to experience the music and entertainment industry inside and out. Consequently, Sulaiman has arrived early to hip-hop with gifts from years we've yet to experience.

With a timbre that can range from Common to Busta Rhymes, rhyme schemes that exist in the space between Kanye West and MF Doom, and a student-of-the-game mentality that all but guarantees the best is yet to come - Sulaiman is a jack of all trades and ambassador to all listeners. That congeniality, combined with great music, great reputation, and an intense work ethic makes listening to Sulaiman's work a necessity.