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Here are links to sites to see the heritage of the Seekin's, Lincoln, and Mendenhall side of the family. This is Frank Clovis's wife Effie Mae Mendenhall. Effie is the daughter of Paris Jacob Mendenhall. He is the son of Nathan Mendenhall and Lucy Lincoln. To see the Lincoln web site and how we go back to Abraham Lincoln go into

Lucy Lincoln who marries Nathan Mendenhall is page 43 then go to the lincoln link to trace Lucy back to Thomas Lincoln (the 3rd) their we are Joshua Lincoln born in 1703 the brother of Samuel Lincoln who was the great-grandfather of Abraham Lincoln.

Another site I found on Lucy Lincoln is

Go to the very last page at the bottom of the page is Lucy Lincoln married to Nathan Mendenhall. Elizabeth Seekins married David Lincoln and this is how we are tied in with the Seekins.

Lucy Lincoln married to Nathan Mendenhall is the very last page and we are at the bottom of the page.

Effie Mendenhall to see story on Richard Mendenhall click on :