Nicolas Corzo

Project Manager, Director, and Small Business Owner in Wyoming, Estados Unidos

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Our mission is to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) increase sales and revenues across more than 40 countries in the Americas and Europe. The modern global economy affords a wealth of opportunities for any sized business and from any industry. However, it is challenging to enter into new markets without a solid plan and a proven set of new market resources. That’s where Commercial Partners Network, LLC reaches out and becomes your global expansion partner.

We are a small but heavily networked team of business professionals with proven track records of success with international business. Our core values of honesty, fraternity and courage guide our core principle of placing our clients’ needs first. We succeed only if you do.

Our global network of partners spans a variety of industries, including, but not limited to, telecommunications, hardware and software, internet of things (IOT), energy, real estate, textiles, raw materials, services and customer support. We also speak the language of business, whether it is communicated in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese or German.

We are eager to hear your story, and actively listen to your unique situation before saying a word. Shall we start the first step together toward your global business success story? We are ready when you are.

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    • Harvard University