Rachel Can

High Desert, Apple Valley, Victorville California

Since a young girl, nothing brought me more satisfaction in life then to serve people in their need. It didn't matter whether it was cleaning the bathroom or running any errand they needed, just as long as it was giving them a sense of peace knowing that it was properly taken care of in a timely manner.

Being in nearly every industry out there, I got to experinece first hand how difficult it was to get the little things taken care of due to my hectic work schedules. So I came to the conclusion that I didn't want to work in an industry, I wanted to be apart of an industry that helped others get through their days.

Many of my relatives and friends of the past saw me as "Go-To Girl." They knew that I could get things done for them quickly and they felt relieved. So I decided to put that reference to heart and create a company that provided this for anyone in any walk of life.

I am here to give the extra hand with a lot of heart to those who need it!

  • Work
    • Girl Friday Office Assistant, Run Errands, Virtual