Gill Gould

Southampton, UK

It's been a long journey ... and I haven't been bored for one minute of it. I have also learned a lot, laughed a lot and, oh, what good friends I have made on the way.

But what am I proudest of?

Tom and Ed my briliant sons who have stood by me through thick and lots of thin throughout.

Work life started in London working for Clement Freud, The Telegraph Magazine, the Wombles (yes really) and ultimately as an author's agent with David Higham.

How I love communication and I certainly learned my trade at the sharp end. Fantastic opportunities given to me which I grabbed.

Marriage, wonderful children and a move to my beloved New Forest followed, leaving the world of publishing and finding a new world in marketing communications.

Swiftly moving forward, founding Carswell Gould and gaining thirty years of experience along the way working with clients in the marine industry, education, finance. The list, the experience and learning goes on and on.

With Ed as senior partner leading us with his immense experience in the digital world and his drive, creativity and passion harnessed by, I believe, the most experienced and gifted team in the south, CG simply goes from strength to strength.

And of course, Scamp comes too and is key to it all.

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