Adoum Goulgué

I Live in Port-au-Prince, HAITI

I am 40 years old and. I am Chad national (Central African). My home town is Kélo 94 km north Moundou, Chad economique capital. I am from the Zimé tribe a small ethnic group you can only meet in Kélo. My community lives in a savanah and lives on agriculture, fishing, livestock and hanting. Christianism strongly penetrated the area since 1930 and most of the community is christian.

I grew up partly in my home village Zamré I am the second son of a mother 12 sons and daughters. We are all alive. My father who married four wives died in may 1996. He's left behind 24 sons and daughters.

My father ws a farmer. He used to grow lots of crops ( millet, peanut, sorghun been, seasam) He used to grow cotton as well. My father has had a larg cattle of goats and sheeps

I left when I was 13 year old and joined my elder brother who was a policemen in Bongor.

I entered secondary school in 1987 ended middle school in 1991 and graduated from secondary school in1994.

I trained as a teacher taught for years and started a journalism career in 2004. I went back to school to study Applyied Psychology and Education while praticing journalism.

  • Work
    • I work with UN mission in Haiti as UN volunteer.
  • Education
    • I have registered in a master progrm delievered oline by Cergy