Patrick Goupil

Prattville, AL

I'm Patrick, I also go by Goupy or Goup. I'm a Software Engineer on a goverment contract for my area, working mainly in .NET Framework with C#/ASP.NET, with some XHTML and LINQtoSQL. My coding style includes hardening applications to prevent SQL injection and scripting attacks, traits that I've learned from previous employment.

My hobbies include gaming in all its forms (video, board, card, pen-n-paper, etc.), reading fantasy/sci-fi, playing my electric guitar, tinkering around with different programming languages that catch my interest, and occasional drawing.

I have a love for all things science, and work (albiet locally) to promote scientific literacy and education on critical thinking. I love learning about the evolution of stars and dream of a job where I can write simulations to help further that knowledge for myself and others.

  • Work
    • Sr. Software Solutions Engineer
  • Education
    • AUM