Gouri Srinidhi

State College, PA

About the Artist:

The first time I had mehendi applied to my hands was when I went to India to attend a cousin’s wedding in South India—and I was struck. I fell in love with the art, admiring the beautiful stains on my hands for days after.

After obsessively doodling designs in my notebooks and practicing the paste in local fairs and fundraisers, I’ve perfected my mehendi skills. The art has come to hold a deeper meaning to me. The weaving designs, the simple intricacies of the art, the smell that reminds me of happy occasions…it’s a tie to my culture, and a connection to an ancient art form that I feel privileged to have learned.

About the Art:

Mehendi or henna, is a traditional art commonly practiced in the Middle East South Asian sub-continent. Typically applied in weddings and other special occasions with a paste made from ground leaves of a henna plant, Mehendi is used to decorate hands and feet of women, with detailed pictures of flowers, plants, and animals. The tattoo designs typically last a week or so, depending on a number of factors.

Contact me!

I hope to be your introduction into this cultural experience; your reminder of home; or a part of whatever you are celebrating. I’d love to show you some of my designs, and give you a sample of my artwork. Please give me a call, or send me an email to discuss your mehendi session. I hope to make this a great experience for you and your friends!