Gourish Singla

Director and Project Manager in Chandigarh, India

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Social entrepreneur | Business leader | Angel investor.

I am the co-founder of Shivom – a leading blockchain-based genomics platform which enables people to have their genome sequenced and gives them complete control over monetising it within a DNA data marketplace. Shivom was recently included in the top 50 innovative companies across the world at the Smart Health Conference 2018, Dubai.

I have a keen interest in exploring and investing in blockchain products and services. I believe a decentralised ecosystem will strengthen the foundation of our society and economy, providing everyone with an equal access to world-class services. My work in knowledge-based diagnosis and prediction through big data and artificial intelligence (AI) is focused on contributing to the global mission of achieving the sustainable development goals by 2030. For me, becoming a billionaire does not mean earning a billion dollars but impacting the lives of a billion people in a positive way which is exactly the kind I want to be. I strongly believe that the biggest problems in the world can be solved through technical innovation and its relentless execution.