Rui Gouveia

Consultant and Mentor in Lisboa, Portugal

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Serial entrepreneur for 20+ years, now sharing experience and learnings with driven entrepreneurs.

Currently managing a leading startup incubator in Europe, where we help dozens of international startups in different stages; while managing a Startup Studio where we build and launch 2 new tech startups per year.

I am…

  • All Things Digital ɔıʇɐuɐɟ
  • Entrepreneur by ʇɹɐǝɥ
  • Creative technologist by uƃısǝp
  • Future ʇsıɹnʇnℲ
  • Experimental ɹǝʞɔɐɥoıq

Working as…

. CEO @ Build Up Labs (Startup Studio & Incubator)

. Partner @ comOn Group (Marketing Agency)

. Board member @ TapMyBack - Employee Feedback and Recognition

. Board member @ Kiss My Score - Football Live Score and Friendly Betting

  • Work
    • Build Up Labs