Jessika Gouveia

UI/UX Design Team Lead in San Francisco, CA

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I have 10+ years of design experience, specializing in UX/UI, web, visual, and prototyping. I pride myself on a unique design perspective and a thirst to keep learning MORE—new tools, methods, skills, overall ways to get better.

Born and raised in Venezuela, I graduated in graphic design. After working as a junior designer, I moved to Spain, where I worked as a web/graphic designer while obtaining my Master's in 3D Animation and Motion Graphics. I kept pushing forward—more and more invaluable experience—and after going managerial I decided to take the ultimate career leap by moving to Asia in 2011.

I've had such a fantastic time here, working multi-language with people from all over the world, while at the same time being able to contribute my own global POV along the way.

SKILLS: UI/UX design, Wireframes/Flow Charts, Prototyping, Usability tests, mobile first-responsive website design. Experience working in AGILE and LEAN environments, working side by side with developers, engineers, Q&A, marketing, product and project mangers.