Govind Garg

Noida, India

My journey begins from Dec 2013 after I joined Preseed with no understanding of what it was and what it did as terms like entrepreneurship and startups were new to me. Thanks to my first role there - social media handler which forced me to read about the topics on entrepreneurship, works and contribution of entrepreneurs to economy and society, about life and business, spirituality and technology, ambition and fun, desire and desperation. The more I discovered, I discovered my own ignorance. Ignorance of skill, knowledge, values, purpose, interest and still discovering.

Currently, I coordinate among the team members in Preseed and its startups, to manage the chaos and ensure smooth operations and execution of the strategies. Preseed is more about its own ideas and idealism, and the counter culture. It needs some time to shape up, and we are not in any hurry. So, we (Founder of Preseed and I) started Startup Kitchen to co-build startups with the feverish teams with a will no less than do or die.

While the above two are food to my soul, something which is driving me crazy is the barter. A mixed economy of barter and money together, can maximise the economic efficiency of any economy and make society more social. To dig deeper into it, I joined a barter company - Gold Max Trade and Biz, as a business consultant. I will write more about barter and its effects on economy and society on my medium.

This was all about what I do, and why I do. To know what I have become and who I am, invite me over your place for a cup of tea and some snacks (preferably samosas).

  • Work
    • Preseed
  • Education
    • St. Thomas School,Kanpur
    • Amity University, Noida