Govind Hari

I am a rare breed in the Indian IT industry. My background being in Chinese Language and South East Asian Studies is considered quite unique and colourful by comparrison to the sea of engineers.

This has its advantages and disadvantages, being a non engineer in an engineering domain tends to get you undervalued by most and extremely prized by a rare few. I won't deny there is a definite handicap but there are advantages as well.

I have a real talent to manage chaos and have a crippling fear of the mundane. I have never let my non technical beginnings stop me from trying to get hands on and contributing technically as best as I can.

I tend to be logical and emotional with equal intensity and am most useful to fractured teams. Give me an imperfect team and I fit in perfectly.

My transition to Agile and SCRUM happened purely because after having spent nearly 4 years trying to fix my groups processes I realized that people more than process influence success or failure of projects. SCRUM is the embodiment of everything I believe in personally.

Goal - Disprove the general perception that professionalism, success and business can only thrive in a clinical environment devoid of all human or emotional elements.

Where a machinelike disassociation from your private self is not only encouraged but expected. Where process and operations are valued over people and people in general considered flawed, unreliable and dispensable.

Specialties PMP, Internationalization ( i18n ), Localization ( l10n ), QA, Translation, Globalization Project Management, Globalization Program Management, Portfolio Management, Agile , Scrum , Quark Xpress and Page Layout design, Niku Clarity, CSM, ITIL