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GoVote.com believes that voter participation is the foundation of our democracy. Our mission is to help every voter become more engaged by providing the easy ability to discover, participate and influence the politics and elections that impact every voter today and America's tomorrow. GoVote.com believes that regardless of one's point of view, the answer to fixing America's democracy is the same . Go Vote!

Discover! From the State House to the White House and everything in between, citizens can hear directly from their elected officials and candidates without the media filter. Users will see the latest political news, commentary, videos, press releases and polls both nationally and for all 50 states. GoVote.com gives voters access through a directory of elected officials, candidates, advocacy organizations, commentators, bloggers and talk radio hosts, organized both nationally and by state.

Participate! GoVote.com allows visitors to follow the elected officials, candidates, issues and organizations that most interest them. Beginning first quarter 2012, anyone can become a "GOVOTER" participating in the only social media platform specific to politics. GoVote.com will give users the ability to find others with similar interests, from local zoning matters to national presidential campaigns. GOVOTERS have a unique ability to create an online environment in which they control the topic - not the media. GoVote.com gives every American an ability to participate in the political conversation.

Influence! More than $13 million each day is spent on lobbying federal and state legislators - not including campaign contributions! GoVote.com gives GOVOTERS the same ability to influence elected officials as high-priced lobbyists - but without the high costs. GoVote.com puts the power of influence in the hands of citizens by hitting where it counts most - in the public arena. For as little as $20 for the week, anyone can place an ad right next to an elected official's, candidate's or organization's GoVote.com listing. When a GOVOTER places an ad on GoVote.com, his or her ad is automatically e-mailed to the targeted elected official, candidate or organization. They will see the voter's ads and know others are seeing it too!