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GoWine has arrived to sell quality Italian wine to wine enthusiasts in Malaysia. Enjoy different varieties of wine and all the sophisticated flavors from the vineyards of Italy. Enjoying your meals with wine will make you feel that you are living the life.

We have great selection of wines from red, white, and even dessert wines to complement your meals. It is perfect for romantic dinners, fine dining parties, or if you just feel like drinking wine in the comfort of your home. Clients can also enjoy great-tasting prosecco and champagne from our minimal selection of sparkling wines. Grappa and Italian craft beer are also available for our clients to order so that they can complete their Italian drinking experience.

Place your order today! We will have them delivered right to your door in just a couple of days so you can enjoy a taste of heaven coming from the best Italian wine makers. More at : http://www.gowine.com.my