Gowtham Gutha

Enthusiasm, the word that sounded a lot in my life. It...

Made me criticized by everyone.

Made me think about it always.

Affected my academic life.

Killed my participation in sports.

Affected my personal relationships.

Yet It....

Gave me personal happiness and pleasure.

Teached me the way to live in the society.

Made me respectable and honorable.

Made me knowledged.

What is it ? What am I more enthusiastic about ?


Programming. Yes it made me turn towards it since when I was a teen. I had been loving it for many years. It has been a part of my life. It made me think about it always and always.. when I am in a classroom, in a bathroom, on the bed, in the sleep, when eating, when drinking, when talking and even when writing an exam. It filled my mind with knowledge and my heart with love and enthusiasm.

When I had a thought of being a hacker, I went to my institute and asked them for a course that could make me a hacker, the Receptionist with a strange look and a broad smile asked me a few things that I am familiar with in the Computer Science. I had answered all of them. She said that there was no special course that could make me a hacker in their institution. I was disappointed. She questioned why not enter the world of Programming. It is a strange word to me. As a receptionist she had successfully done her duty in motivating me and making me join in their institution for 'C' language.

Since then, my enthusiasm turned into interest and my interest turned into love when I reached the Java course.