Abhishek Goyal

New Delhi

Abhishek Goyal

New Delhi

I am a fun loving person with a happy go lucky attitude towards life. Currently persuing MBA in Marketing and IT.

I have a work experience of one year working with a real estate consulting firm where I used to advice people on which property to buy for the investement or residential purpose.

I believe in the saying "There is no need of taking tension if you can solve the problem and there is no use of taking tension if you can't."

But it doesnot mean at all that I just let things go by. It means that I can work well under pressure.

If you ask me where do I see myself ten years from now. I will say as a Director of my own venture may be of an advertising consulting company where I can suggest people with innovative ideas and design ad campaigns to market their product.

Securing first position in couple of AD making competitions and my habbit of closely observing the ADs be it be the TV commercial or the one on hoardings or in the print media has inclined me towards this decision.

Cars are what excite me the most so definitely a big car and a sweet home are two things that I will also desire for, few years from now.

But all this is not as simple as it looks like. It requires a lot of endeavors, lots of patience and endurance from my side.

But being a good listener, a quick learner and a smard(smart plus hard :P) person I think I will be able to achieve what I want to. I came to such a conclusion after certain real time incidences which actually helped me realise these good points in me.Being an Electronics and Communication Engineer I had no idea of Real Estate. But the above three qualities of mine actually helped me to grow in this field.

I came, I saw and I learned.

And in just one year I was able to hold a key position in my organisation.

This has become possible also because of the fact that I have always looked for a career and not for a job which helped me to enjoy my work.

With this profile I will love to connect to people who are after my heart and listen to their experiences as well.

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