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An interview is a way through which the employer checks to see what he will get if he hires you. It generally brings a lot of stress to any individual. One of the best ways to release stress is to get prepared for the interview, may it be with your Attire, communication skills, resume, your knowledge or question and answers that are most frequently asked.

Some of the benefits of preparing for an interview may be

You will be more relaxed

Will be able to sell yourself better

Will have good answers for the questions

Have a good understanding of the job

Will face the interview with confidence

A big question for anyone is how to prepare for an interview. Here are some easy ways to help you in preparing for an interview.

Always be familiar with the job for which you are being interviewed. Visit the company’s website and know the information from business directories. Make a note of your personal attributes which express your suitability for the position.

Try to draw experience from your work or non work which demonstrates your abilities and skills. Be as open and expressive about each experience you narrate.

When an employer asks you a question, try to answer it in a ‘STAR’ way. That is visualize the situation, think about the action to be taken and the final measurable result. This helps the employer to visualize and record your reactions in a given situation.

Use examples of quotes from your seniors or customers which show your acceptability, flexibility and teamwork skills.

The experience you narrate should be recent, quite possibly 12 – 18 months back. Be specific about your contributions and the result achieved by your efforts in terms of cost effectiveness, time saving or so.