giancarlo pagliero

Director in Veneto, Italia

giancarlo pagliero

Director in Veneto, Italia

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My name is Giancarlo and for years I desperatly dreamt people to call me Peter, Matt, Richard or Eliot.

I like tea, colored walls, full stops, commas, kisses, Marguerite Duras' books, Buddhist monasteries, music, woolen scarves, the bustle of big cities, dogs, summers, strong winds, salami and mortadella, friends, hugs, bookstores, libraries, India, London and New York.

Born in Asti, Piedmont, Italy I have been living in Treviso for 6 years. Not far from the sea and just near Venice.

When I was 6 I wanted to be a doctor, at 10 a vet, at 14 a missionary, at 16 I wanted to be just like Che Guevara. At 18 I joined the faculty of Arts and Philosophy. At 57 I'd like to study mathematics and physics, two disciplines that I have always neglected, a black hole that I would like to fill. But for some things it's too late. Soon it is too late for a lot of things in life.

I moved to London and I decided that I would never come back. Instead life sometimes goes to other ways. The wind changed and I returned back home.

After sometime I began to travel alone, with my backpack and my sleeping bag. First it was Europe, then South America and Asia. I stopped in India. I put roots there for a while. I learnt a lot from India. Even today India is a place where I spend a lot of time. A good time, I mean.

In my youth I worked as a waiter, I sold used cars, I picked up hazelnuts for 2 dollars a day. I worked as a clown at children's parties, I also worked as a teacher but I threw up every morning before entering that school. The environment was not the best there.

Later I become a tour guide. Some years ago I opened my own business with a dear friend. We based our Tour Operator in New Delhi, India. We are specialized in tailor made tours to discover India, Sri Lanka, Napal, Tibet. Bhutan and Indochina.

For years I've been falling in love with the wrong people. Then one day I happen to discover that love is not necessarily suffering, which is different from accumulating reward points at the supermarket, which is not necessarily to please. So I decided to take the risk, to give up all self-destructive intents and to try. And it worked

I believe.
I belive in people.
I belive in life.
I believe it is necessary to build with love .
I believe it is important to have a lot of coffee and a pack of cigarettes at hand
I belive it is important to see life for what it is.
I belive we have to be greatful to life.

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