Gregory Passos

Realtor, Small Business Owner, and Consultant in Canterbury, Australia

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A good real estate agent might get your property SOLD, but a GREAT real estate agent genuinely cares about you and your results.

YRAGNT (your agent), Gregory Passos has been passionate about real estate form a very young age, and has found his calling in an industry that just comes as second nature.

His skills secure you the best possible price in the shortest amount of time- which is why Gregory Passos is so breathtakingly good at what he does. The key to achieve the best results in any market is choosing the RIGHT agent!

Gregory is a fully licensed real estate agent, who is 120% committed to getting the best possible results for his clients, he is young vibrant and an absolute optimist, in getting you outstanding results.

I look forward to meeting you in person and exceeding your expectations during the selling process.

Having lived in the Canterbury Bankstown area all my life, I have grown a love for the area for a variety of reason as each has grown on me

Something that I have always had and grew up with is the park and river getaways.

Firstly as a child growing up and having the luxury of getting on my bike with friends and riding along the Cooks River, it was and still is a great way to spend the day and the sights are outstanding, at times you have to pinch yourself.

As time went on these parks and river side runs and walks have become a great way to unwind after a long day at work, the fresh air, wildlife and great sights make it all worthwhile and you quickly forget your worries and relax into a calmness which re-charges you for the next day.

Another thing that stand out about the area is the vast multicultural society that you cannot miss at each turn, the Canterbury Bankstown area is blessed with a huge amount of multiculturalism, you see it in shops, restaurants, markets and basically anything else you can think off.

That is just some of the great things that make me so proud of the area, there are countless other things like events, cinema, hotels and pubs, communities and miscellaneous business's you can rely on to cater to your every need as you live your day to day life in the wonderful Canterbury Bankstown district