Gerald A. Pimpleton

Public Speaker, Financial Fitness Coach, and Investment Strategist in Charleston, South Carolina

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As a financial planner, keynote speaker, branding architect and financial fitness coach; I've spent 15 years helping to grow revenues for business owners from coast to coast. Whether it's been in PEOs, Consulting, Financial Planning, Real Estate Brokers, or Brand Management, we've dedicated ourselves to changing the face of how business is done across the country! After building successful businesses in: Insurance/Retirement planning, mobile gaming, affiliate marketing, all natural health, beauty and household product marketing; I realized that my greatest fulfillment lies in helping others learn to make their money work harder for them than they work for it.

☁ Why is Digital Branding so important to your business' financial success? Harvard Business Review reports 90% of decision makers never respond to cold outreach & CEB states 75% of buyers now use social media to be more informed on vendors. Gartner reports at least 61% of buyers are doing self-driven information research during the exploring, evaluating & engaging phases of the buying process. Today's Modern Buyer has changed the engagement process!

☁ Why the Pimpleton Agency? I provide the strategies and real world actionable tools needed to help the seasoned entrepreneur to the 9-to-5'er with a great idea, develop and implement a Financial, Branding and positional strategy which will create quantifiable results. We specialize in providing top entrepreneurs and business organizations the tools and strategies to become "financially fit for life"and apply the same principles to their businesses.

As a Keynote Speaker, I have spoken to audiences in the thousands on the topics: "Growing Through What you Go Through", "Is your Why a Lie?”, "Embracing Your Pain by Hugging Your Hurt", "How to Break What Keeps You Broke" and (my personal favorite) "Manurity". I have been requested to share my strategies by companies such as StaffOne, LinkedIn, WealthWave, WFG + others. Listed among: Marketing Millionaires, Twitter Thought Leaders, Digital Marketing Rockstars and MLMGods.

If you
- going from "0" to "1" in development of your business and develop a brand
- Want to leverage social networks to explode your pipeline
- want your money trained to replicate itself daily and consistently

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