Marketed by leading aesthetic device distributor Total Body Contouring, the GPSLipo procedure offers a proven method for cosmetic surgeons to identify and remove patients' unwanted fat in a minimally invasive manner. GPSLipo works in conjunction with Total Body Contouring's LipoControl laser, which acts as a fat-mapping tool for physicians to effectively target problem areas, offering greater control over the procedure and creating a safer experience for patients. The entire process may be used to eliminate localized fat deposits found in the abdomen, waist, back, thighs, hips, and face. GPSLipo also treats the ankles, arms, and knees.

Considered the safest and most accurate liposuction procedure on the market, Total Body Contouring's GPSLipo was featured on the syndicated medical talk show The Doctors. During the episode, a plastic surgeon demonstrated the precision technique used by GPSLipo, a process that begins with the physician administering a mild numbing agent to the patient's target areas. With the patient locally anesthetized, the surgeon inserts a thin metal tube, called a cannula, beneath the skin. As he or she moves the cannula back and forth under the skin, a tiny laser fires at the patient's target region, warming and liquefying the fat cells beneath. The physician employs feedback monitoring to track the patient's progress. During the last stage of GPSLipo, the liquefied fat cells are suctioned out of the target area.

Compared to traditional liposuction, GPSLipo typically requires only one treatment to reduce the fat from target areas. Additionally, most patients of the Total Body Contouring GPSLipo method may resume normal activities after only one day of recovery and may engage in exercise several days after treatment. For more information about GPSLipo, visit