Dave and Sarah Eickelberg

Mother, Father, and Writer in Iowa

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We are Dave and Sarah Eickelberg, the creators of 1 cup Awesome. We reside in the great city of Des Moines, Iowa, with our three kids, Marley, Gavin and Jovie. We’ve been married since 2004, which is when our food journey began.

For our first year of marriage, we ate a meal consisting of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, hot dogs and peas two to three times per week. When we weren’t eating that meal, we were pounding frozen pizzas. And when those meals felt just too overwhelming to make, we went out to eat. We gradually started making more homemade meals with moderate success. That is, until one day when we tried to hard-boil some eggs. We couldn’t wait to eat them. We sat down for our meal, cracked one open and the yolk was still runny. We tried again. This time the yolk was green and smelled like sulfur. Over the next few months we tried to make hard-boiled eggs numerous times and failed. Every. Single. Time.

Enough was enough. We bought ourselves a cookbook for Christmas that year, simply to learn how to hard-boil an egg. But the pictures and recipes in that cookbook looked too good to ignore. We started working new meals from the cookbook into our regular meal rotation and quickly discovered that with good ingredients and good information, we could create good food.

We aren’t professional chefs. We have no formal training. We are just one family on a journey of discovering awesome food.

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