Milton (Gene) Purvis, Jr.

Milton E. Purvis, Jr.

Salvation: June 6, 1955

Church Affiliations: 1955-1981 Southern Baptist

1981-present Grace Bible Church, Lawrenceville, Ga.

Academics:1971 BS Electrical Engineering Ga. Inst of Tech.

1977 MS Nuclear Engineering Ga. Inst of Tech.

1994 MA Evang/Church Planting Columbia Int. Univ.

Secular Ministry: 1971-1986 Power Plant Design Engineer

1975-present Registered Prof. Engineer

1979-1986 Principle Engineer

Ministry: 1974-1981 Teaching/Evangelism (Adults-Youth)

1979-1986 Office Bible Study (All religions/nationalities)

1981-1986 Church Planting (Elder) Grace Bible Church

1986-1997 CAMINO GLOBAL (formerly CAM International)

Missionary (Evangelism/Church Pltng/Ldr Devel.)

.Three church planting terms in Costa Rica, C.A.

.Ministry & Ethics Committee-National Ch. Assoc.

.Professor Costa Rica Bible Institute

.C.R. Div. President 5-yrs., VP-3 yrs., Treas-1 yr.

.Hosted 8-10 Work/Ministry Teams

.C.R. National Church Missionary Committee

1998- 2006 CAMINO GLOBAL - Field Director- Hispanic USA,

Church Planting-Atlanta, Ga.

2007- Present Hispanic USA Ministry Coord / T2 Team leader

Church Planting/Evang/Discipleship

Ga. Mobile Bible Inst. - Director/Professor

2001- Present FIEL-HUSA,Inc. – Board member

2000- Present Ethnic America Network Exec. Comm.

-National mentor

-Church Based Disciplehip task force

2009- Present EAN Foundation – Board member

Married to Martha Hawkins Purvis for over 40 blessed years. We have two sons, Michael Jason Purvis and James David Purvis.