beatriz the witch

Student in Recife, Brasil

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> greetings! my name is beatriz and i'm an eclectic (wiccan) witch and i am a minor who goes by they/them.

>i enjoy all parts of the craft and try my best to learn about it all, although what catches my attention the most are things involving potions, works with the fae, astrology, herbology and hedge witchcraft!

> i also post a bit about buddhism, wicca and paganism my blog - don't expect just secular witchcraft from it! i might post photos containing artistic nudity, so be warned.

> i've been on the community for about two years, and i'm always willing to learn more. what i need to learn more about at the moment is: necromancy, wicca itself, familiars and spirit guides and communication with spirits.

> if anyone is willing to help me with that or wants to ask/get advice from me, they are always welcome and my inbox/pm is open!

> that is all. goodbye!