Grace Elkins

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

I am a student and an aspiring journalist.

I am a writer for Think Inc and Vegan Tasmania. Science Sub-Editor at Woroni.

I love quality and exciting stories from all around the world. I am very interested in the media and the power it has, particularly non-mainstream media, to generate social change. It is the incredible capacity of the news and media as a whole to influence public thought and discourse that has prompted me to pursue a career in journalism. I want to be able to influence the discussion in a way that will help save the planet and all species from the terrors of climate change. I believe that the only way democracy can truly exist is when the people are well informed.

I study a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science at the ANU.

My arts degree focusses on languages, communication and politics. My major is International Communication. For this major I have studied the Hindi and Urdu languages to the advanced level and taken a courses in socio-cultural linguistics and the power of language in policy. I have taken a minor sequence in International Relations. The courses I have selected within this minor provide a broad introduction to IR theory as well as the International Political Economy. To complement my major and minor sequences I have undertaken elective courses including English language structure and Middle Eastern Studies.

My science degree focusses on the environment. A major in Sustainability Science builds the fundamental understandings required for research and policy making geared towards create a sustainable future. This major takes a holistic approach to complex environmental issues. My minor sequence in Climate Science and Policy focuses my study towards our changing climate and its social, economic and environmental impacts.

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