Grace Hickey

Student in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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Hello my name is Grace Hickey! I am born and raised in Kingston Ontario Canada. I love where I live in the world. I love traveling and visiting other places. I have a goal in life to be a world traveler. I also have another goal. I love Canada, it's a pretty awesome place, and my goal is to travel to all of Canada's provinces and territory's. I live in Ontario and I have visited Quebec and Alberta so far.

I was a competitive swimmer until i was 15 years old and I have always loved the water. My love of the water has also led me to go on to become a lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor and get my current position as a lifeguard and instructor, teaching children to swim, with the City of Kingston.

I have also played on the Field Hockey at my school, and swim team, and I was the "coxie" for the rowing team last year.

I love my home. I love how it snows in the winter, I love the cold, the four seasons, the spring, the colours in the fall, and I love the lake in the summer, and I love my family and my house.

I love Harry Potter and I am under the firm belief that my Hogwarts letter was just lost in the mail and I continue to attend RND and take super cool classes like the new indigenous voices English class!