Grace Wright

Student in Andover, Massachusetts

My name is Grace Wright and I am currently a student in Andover, Massachusetts. My goals are to graduate high school by 2020 and to attend Pennsylvania State University. I hope to graduate by 2024 and by 2026 my goal is to have a job as a therapist.

My interests include softball, reading, and writing. I enjoy spending my time by the beach with my family and friends. I love studying English and writing.

I enjoy volunteering and hope to follow a career path that continues to allow me to help others. I admire hard work and always make sure that I am doing quality work. I am creative, compassionate, and insightful. I am also very independent. I try to use my strengths for the good of others. I am open to career paths in other fields than psychology. I am also interested in writing and would be willing to explore career options in that field.