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washington heights

Office Administration assistant for HealthCorps Dr.OZ nonprofit organization for educating the youth on health

Borough of Manhattan Community College undergrad Business Administration

23 EsT.1991 Location Washington Heights New York

HEALTHCORPS INC 505 8th Ave. Suite 1101 New York, NY (11/2011-Present)

Receptionist/ Data Entry Clerk (11/2011-Present)
• Help the smooth running of the organization and often interact with Human Resource, Managing and Communications Directors, Executives and Finance team.
• Receive all communications into the company, including phone, fax and postal mail, and transfers it to the correct departments. Also responsible for outgoing mail, shipping and receiving of packages and maintains mailing or contacts lists
• Performs administrative duties, which include controlling the database, and assisting other staff in the office and booking travel for all employees
• Administer database by entering donor, client, non-profit organization and school contacts using Netsuite Financials and QuickBooks
• Lead and managed volunteers at the 2008 and 2012 Gala at the Hammerstein Ballroom and the Waldorf Astoria respectively
• Assist the finance team with audit preparation
• Review bank statements and prepare expenses reports
• Assemble over 3,000 invitations for organization fundraiser Gala Events for Dr. Oz
• Complete tasks under strict deadlines & General Administration Duties


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