Shalom Grace Sombrero


안녕하세요 hi there!!! =)

Shalom Grace Reyes Sombrero is the name of the girl. Some of my friends called me "Shamz" (thanks to "yanyan" who made that name). I have towering heights that's why others called me "Shamcey". I'm not gorgeous nor beautiful but i'm wearing the face that God has just created for me, I'm proud of it ^^. In seventeen years of my existence, I just simply go with flow of music inside my veins. I follow and serve God since then. I love music. I play different instruments and sing for God. Yeah, I can also say I am a mood-swinger (it's proven to others). But I wanted you ro know that I'm serious -_- so I talkless. I love being alone for I wanted to create my own world. Most of my time, I paint and compose songs, it depends on my mood. I'm a singer, not really -_- just my passion. Sometimes I'm weird and I don't know why >_<. I intended to do things my own... I smile and laugh most of the time to hide my feelings (only the closest friends knew if i'm acting). You will know when I'm not in the mood but just as I said I'm good in hiding my emotions. I'm the person who you can easily get along with based into your attitude and how you act to me. Just in case you wanted me to be your friend I'm here! ! ! Be one of my craziest friend =0


I love cooking and so do eating <3.

I'm a stubborn person (sorry for that ^^v). -_-

A mood-swinger and bipolar at times. -_-

I'm a writer at wattpad world but i don't publish my works.

I am an anime lover. <3

That's all but still you don't know me... thank you!!!! bow! ^^

██████████████████ 100% SIMPLE me

"I'm an IMPERFECT girl trying to find my place in this UNKNOWN world."

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