Grace Campbell

My name is Grace Campbell, and the only interesting thing I can think of about me is that I had quite a nontraditional upbringing. I was born at our house in Stone Mountain, GA. I have never been vaccinated for anything, and I have never received any shots. This news usually freaks people out when they first hear it, but I am very healthy and have never been seriously sick. My dad is a chiropractor, so I never went to a traditional doctor as a child; the first time I went to one was when I was in 10th grade.

I went to Athens Montessori School for 5 years from second to sixth grade, and I believe it helped foster my interest in languages. I think the science behind it is really fascinating, which is why I chose to major in Linguistics. I don't know where I got my liberal arts side from since both of my parents went to Georgia Tech for engineering degrees.

Despite my love for languages, I do not like writing or Literature classes, but I am hoping this course might change my mind about that.