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Based Gold Coast Australia

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Background: In 2014 I am celebrating 40 years in teaching cancer survival strategies to cancer patients! Trained as an herbalist/ naturopath & counsellor with an early background working in veterinary medicine in small animal and country practice where I learned many things that serve me today- surgery, pharmaceuticals and an hands on knowledge of anatomy & physiology. Over the years I became a cancer strategist and trained in body psychotherapy.In the early 1980's I co founded Australia's first Cancer Support groups & residential patient courses. I have worked throughout the world in the area of cancer as a public and keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. I have chosen to emphasise the emotional-psycho-spiritual aspect of cancer recovery and management at all stages. In 1997 an unexpected post surgical complication from routine surgery left me with lower colon paralysis. After 21 surgeries geared at keeping me alive; I eventually found my solution - an experimental "bionic" sacroneuromodulation implant performed in Holland. The procedure was a 'world first' for my condition. I had my life back knowing what it was like to be in the shoes of a patient with a life threatening condition. I wrote my memoir Grace, Grit and Gratitude in 2008 to celebrate my survival.
Following my time-out in recovery, thanks to a donor I now can help patients via the Grace Gawler Institute for Integrated cancer Solutions - I am founder & Director. In 2014, I also created Health Intelligence Australia where I team consult with specialist GP Dr Bruce Whelan. I help my patients to transform the challenge, PTSD, fear and myriad of emotional issues surrounding cancer into becoming a successful patient - the best one can be whatever the outcome. I work in conjunction with oncologists in Australia and around the globe. Along with my team - I offer second opinions and global referrals for cancer patients. We also promote early diagnosis as the optimum way to survive cancer. When the call is prognosis negative - we all deserve a chance to explore the best options for recovery from life challenging conditions, including cancer. I am alive today because compassionate Dutch specialist doctors offered me an experimental procedure & another chance at life. I am honoured to return the favour to my clients. For 2 years I have hosted Navigating the Cancer Maze at Voice America.

  • Work
    • Director, Founder the Grace Gawler Institute
  • Education
    • matriculation HS, Veterinary nursing, Dorothy Hall College, QINS