Grace LS

I don't consider myself a writer; in fact, I usually procrastinate when I have to complete a writing assignment. When I do write I often start with an initial idea, but do not always know where it will lead.

My writing is like a design in the Alexander McQueen Fall 2009 collection. Just like the fabric's movement, the designs unexpected twists and turns, my writing may suddenly branch off in a direction that even I didn't see coming when I initially started out. In this specific design, the material starts out in a simple, geometric pattern that seems like it will continue when suddenly it exsplodes into something totally unexspected and mqagical; my wrighting is often like that.

Additionally, I tend to write about the darker side of life, the parts of like that hurt or overshadow someone. The colors bursting through the darkness of the collection seem to show some kind of message that has to fight through the dark to get through.

Even if it apperars to be effortless and easy, if you really study what you see, you can see the blood, sweat and tears that went into completing it.

By clarexu