Grace Collins

Born of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Henry Collins on July 20, 1960, 2 months before I was
suppose to. Being a premature birth, I was deemed to die before I turned five
(or before adolescence). Well since I'm still here, all I have to say is, God
knows what doctors seem to forget-He is God and they are not. He alone holds
the time clock for all of us living on this earth and when he says let it be
so, it is and no one can change it, "Halleluiah!!!" I just experienced and
celebrated my 52nd year of living and am looking forward to 52 more. I along
with my 15 siblings grew up in Marks, Mississippi, which is supposed to be the
poorest town in this country. It is, however, the home of the famous mule train, which some of my family proudly participated.

I live in Newport News, Virginia, where I am settling down for now after serving
six years and 11 months in the U.S. Army, Proudly. My military service vowed me
an honorable discharge but my service had to end due to health reasons.

I have two boys (adult men now), ages 31 and 26 and I love them dearly. Each of
them is also residing in Virginia under their own godly and self sufficiency.
There are no grandchildren as of yet. But I am looking forward to being a grandmother some day sooner than later.

My military occupational field of service was computer operations. I have also
performed in other fields from retail sales, telecommunications, and data entry
to medical transcription, medical billing and coding and medical administrative
assistant. Some of the more physically laborious and strenuous jobs led to my current disability. However, as mentioned previously I have been blessed to see 52 years of life.

I am a devout Apolostic Pentecostal Christian, living for God (Jesus) and loving
every minute of it. I live an awesome and wonderful life and lifestyle. I am
compelled to tell all that I meet about the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is one
of the main reasons I keep going every day. I want to share the love Jesus
Christ (God) with everyone.

I hope that this little excerpt will leave you with some idea of who I am, my character and my outlook on, in, and all around life. I hope and pray for God's continous blessings on you and your life as well.