Grace Chen

Grace Chen (陈桦) is an entrepreneur, designer, artist, producer, editor, model, bookworm, adventurer, rule-breaker, innovator, dreamer, volunteer, listener and observer. By fully immersing herself in multi-disciplinary teamwork, Grace enjoys the creative challenge.

She has honed her talents at Digital Media Art Department of Communication University of China, also been working internationally with China Central Television (CCTV), Microsoft Research Asia, HP Centre of Excellence, Zspace Australia, Die Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen (HFF, Germany), Top Vision Culture & Media Investment, Ltd., New Silk Road, Inc., China’s Ministry of Culture and China Animation Association, etc.

Here are some of Grace’s obsessions:mobile app, mango, jellyfish, TMT, SNS, LBS, info-graphic, new media, threads, bloody films, talented/ weird people, typography and Apple.