grace choo

Long beach, California

grace choo

Long beach, California

Hi all, my name is Grace Choo and I'm many things.

First and foremost, I'm a 2.5 generation Korean American.

I'm a Californian for about 7 years now, an Oregonion before that.

I'm a Junior at CSULB and still undeclared.

I'm a sister, well more of a mother, to my brother and my sister.

I'm passionate about art but not enthusiastic about making it a career choice.

I'm not passionate but I am enthusiastic about opening a restaurant and being a chef as a career choice.

I love dogs but I'm a cat person.

I'm not good at science but I do love it, it intrigues me.

I'm good at math but I do not love it, it bores me.

Never been interested about history but curious about the future.

and lastly, I am excited for where life will take me and what's to come. I want to make my mark on the world!