Grace Clark

Hello I'm Grace you may know me as FlippingMyWonderstruckCurls13 , Mackenzie Clark, or any username dealing with Taylor Alison Swift, I breathe her, but I'll talk about that later..

I am a huge Christian <3. I love Jesus who died for me. I mean just how many people have died for you? Enough on that subject I don't want to offend anybody.

Taylor Swift is my life pretty much. I have a Taylor Connect profile I get on AT LEAST once a week. Red really describes my life for the past year or so. Don't even get me started on Meredith. She is a Doll.

My Schedule

First Go to School :(

Then if its Monday go to Archery

Then do homework

Next Get on TC

Go to bed


Taylor Swift isn't just a singer , she's my rolemodel

Fearless<3 means everything to me.

Speak Now is statement.

RED isn't a color its a lifestyle. It's living in a fearless<3 way.

I am a huge Swiftie/Swifty

I'll spend forever wonderin if you knew I was enchanted to meet you <3

My list of crushes

Scot<3 my main love (I moved but we didn't have a relationship or anything, I didn't speak now.)

Gunner (I broke up with him stupidly for no reason)